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Common Burying Ground    God's Little Acre    North Common Burying Ground and Braman Cemetery

Clifton or Golden Hill Burying Ground    Coddington or Governors Burying Ground

Coggeshall Burying Ground    John Clarke Burial site    Arnold Burying Ground

Touro Burial Ground    Wilbur

Newport has twenty known burial sites and there is evidence of additional sites that no longer exist. The oldest sites are referred to as burying grounds, burial grounds, graveyards, and boneyards. These sites were not planned, lack professional landscaping and are populated by a majority of slate stones. Cemeteries came into use about 1830, are planned, landscaped, and contain mostly monuments of marble and granite. Public sites are maintained by the City of Newport and are (for the most part) open to visitors. Private sites are located on private property and , in some cases, permission should be received from the owner before visiting these sites.


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